About this free journal

This is a free journal of theoretical neuroscience. Every month, this journal highlights a number of papers that the editor personally finds interesting for computational or theoretical neuroscience, in particular but not limited to spike initiation, sensory systems, autonomous behavior and epistemology of neuroscience. These are not necessarily theoretical papers, in which case the editor explains why he thinks they are interesting for theoretical neuroscience. It is a mixture of new papers (including preprints) and old papers.

It is a free journal because

  • All papers are freely accessible. Papers that are not freely accessible are not discussed.
  • Authors are free to publish anywhere they want, whenever they want (see the guide for authors). This journal only contributes an editorial selection and comments.
  • Reviewers are free to review anywhere they want, whenever they want (see the guide for referees). Any scientist, any reader is a potential reviewer.
  • The editor is free to edit. The editorial selection reflects the personal interests and opinions of the editor. There is no presumption of the kind of material the readers might want to read.
  • The journal is free of financial interests. This journal does not make money and therefore has no interest in boosting its impact factor or other nonsensical metrics, nor does it have an interest in presenting good stories.


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